Grant Provision Contract

article I.
Contracting Parties

This Contract is concluded between:
Grant provider:

Legal or natural person with full legal capacity, who has decided freely to provide the Grant for the purposes agreed in this Contract.

(the Party providing the grant, hereinafter referred to as the "Provider")

and the Beneficiary of the grant:

CultCode Inštitút vizuálneho umenia (CultCode: Institute of Visual Arts )
Brestov 9
082 05 Brestov
Organisation ID No.: 42343313

Represented by: Peter Jakubik with delegated management of financial affairs on behalf of CultCode Institute of Visual Arts. In addition to the signing of contracts and the management of financial assets it has the full legal power to handle the PAYPAL treasury.

Bank account:
In case of payment by bank transfer please contact me email at .

(the party receiving the Grant, hereinafter referred to as the "Beneficiary")

article II.
Subject of the Contract

The Contracting Parties agree that the Grant will be provided in the amount as agreed for the purposes agreed in this Contract.

The Beneficiary undertakes to use the Grant funds for the fulfilment of the primary commitments referred to in Article III. and for the activities leading to the creation, promotion and dissemination of works of the author's original creation, provision of scholarships and the creation of the collection in accordance with the CultCode's Articles of Association

article III.
The Grant's purpose and performance

The purpose of the Grant is a making of the author's original work specified on the Beneficiary's website or the the author's(s') website and dissemination of works created by the author(s) or under the supervision of the author(s).

An image of the author's original work on the website or in the catalogue is for information only. There may be slight differences between the author's original work and its screen image.

The author's original work means a work of visual arts or a copy thereof, created by the author(s) or under the supervision of the author(s).

The Beneficiary shall ensure the work's reproduction by available means in conjunction with the author/authors or works or under the supervision of the author(s) as a way of presenting the fulfilment of the Grant's purpose.

As a token of gratitude for the Grant, the Beneficiary shall provide a the reproduced work to the Grant's Provider for an unlimited use of the work.

The provider has got the opportunity to reject the use and delivery of the work by sending an email at, otherwise the Provider automatically expresses interest in the delivery and an unlimited use of the Works by making this Contract effective.

The Provider will be be delivered the Work within a maximum of 60 days by mail or courier service at the address indicated in the registration process at the expense of the Beneficiary, exclusive of duties and local taxes. The time of delivery is only indicative and can be changed depending on the place of delivery and the difficulty of execution of the work.

If the work is returned as an undeliverable shipment to the address of the Beneficiary, the work remains with the Beneficiary.

article IV.
General and final provisions

The Provider shall transfer the Grant by a cashless payment to the account of the Beneficiary as given under Article I. The Contracting Parties adhere to this Contract.

The Contract enters into force 5 days after the receipt of the Grant. In the case the Grant is refused the Beneficiary is required to return the Grant immediately.

In general, by providing the Grant the Provider may start to use the results of the Beneficiary's activities referred to in article III within the extent as specified. The purpose of the Grant.

The Provider provides personal information to the Beneficiary on a voluntary basis in order to meet the obligations arising from the Grant Provision Contract, and other communications with the Beneficiary. The Beneficiary processes the Provider's personal data to the extent necessary to fulfil the obligations arising from the Grant Provision Contract. The purpose of the processing of this personal data is the identification of the Provider or the Participant, the delivery of the work, data processing for accounting purposes, information about the Beneficiary's activities and news.

The Contracting Parties have read the Contract and agree to its content with no reservations, which they confirm by making the Contract effective.

The Contract may be amended or supplemented only upon mutual agreement.

The Parties agree that the Contract can be concluded in an on-line form and honestly declare that all the above information is true.