¿Marketing Farmacéutico?

Para desgracia de muchos que se dedican al marketing, el área de la medicina y, específicamente de los farmacéuticos, es uno de los sectores que más regulaciones posee. Esto se debe a que esta área se dedica al bienestar de las personas, por lo que el mal uso de estos productos puede poner en peligro […]

Strange Tastes In The Mouth

The taste of our saliva can tell us a lot about the health of our organism, mainly when, although we have not consumed any food, we can notice certain flavors that are not necessarily natural. That is why the person must always be aware of the changes that may occur within the oral cavity, so […]

Body Sculpting Treatments

A high percentage of women have the desire to be able to show off their bodies, but due to certain factors, they are not always confident to do so. Many women to remedy this, undergo specialized training so that with exercise can lose excess fat, but it is important to keep in mind that this […]

What are the Available Types of Veneers?

Do you dream of having a flawless smile yet you find it impossible because of large teeth gaps, chipped teeth, discolored teeth, and other forms of dental issues? Improve both your confidence and smile with veneers Tijuana applied by cosmetic dentistry experts. Veneers can fill in the gaps, reshape your teeth, and create a pearly […]

Short Guide in Choosing a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

A plastic surgeon Tijuana restores, alters, or reconstructs the human body’s physical appearance. Plastic surgery services are seeing an increasing demand in today’s modern society. Burns, accidents, congenital disabilities, and self-satisfaction are just several common reasons why people seek plastic surgery services.  Of course, it only makes sense that you want the most excellent services […]

Residuos Hospitalarios

La seguridad siempre ha sido una norma que trata de cumplirse con suma rigurosidad, especialmente en países desarrollados donde saben que este tema no puede tomarse a la ligera. Uno de los sectores que están más propensos a sufrir algún desequilibrio en la seguridad de salud es el área médica, principalmente porque un mal uso […]

Thyroid Disorders

The thyroid gland is located at the top of the trachea and consists of a structure made up of two lobes connected by a thin layer of tissue. This small gland has the function of regulating body temperature, energy consumption, and in the case of children, growth. This gland has an exceptional role because it […]

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that affects a large percentage of people worldwide. It is often one of the main causes of death in different countries and one of the causes of impairments such as blindness, kidney disease, and heart problems. One of the principal treatments is nutrition because proper nutritional practices can help to reduce […]

Caring For The Heart

As a person ages, the structures of the organism deteriorate, which can cause diseases because all the functionalities that the organs perform and everything that makes up the body is deteriorating. One area where more problems regularly occur is in the circulatory system, being more specific, the heart. This muscle is a pump that continually […]

All About Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation (mammoplasty) also, commonly known as ‘’boob job’’ is probably the most performed procedure in the world after liposuction. It is a surgical procedure where silicone or saline implants are inserted behind the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle. With both techniques, the implant is behind the milk ducts so that the future […]

The Most Demanded Health Specialties

When a person studies a career related to health sciences such as careers in medicine, psychology and dentistry there are many things that can take advantage of, as well as studying the career where the person will learn a bit of everything, but more things in general, that is why the person can decide to […]

¿Cuales son los tipos de médicos más conocidos?

La medicina es una de las profesiones mejor pagadas y con justa razón, pues encargarse de la salud de muchas personas no es cualquier cosa, hay que tener mucha precaución y especializarse lo mejor posible para poder llevar a cabo un buen trabajo y especializarse en las cosas que más necesitan las personas para tener […]

Why are natural techniques better for me?

Currently, advances in technology have allowed many things, especially in medicine and cosmetics, things that previously were not possible now are and this has represented a great help for many, many people, as it has made life easier for us in all the senses. However, just as things are easier now, what many people decide […]

The Most Innovative Dental Treatments

Something we should all worry about is to keep healthy teeth and an enviable smile. In the past having good dental health and keeping a beautiful smile was a bit complicated because the dental treatments to achieve it were scarce, long and had a very high cost. This limited access to dental treatments. Fortunately, today […]

Healthy teeth and gums

Clean white teeth are not the only thing that defines good dental health: healthy gums also play an essential role in maintaining healthy teeth.   Inappropriate hygiene of the gums can lead to decay or loss of teeth, and therefore, you must take good care of your gums. Here are some tips to keep your […]

Erectile dysfunction and psychological causes

There are dozens of reasons why men suffer from erectile dysfunction, many are related to health issues that interfere with the flow of blood or blood that runs to the penis during an erection such as:   Diabetes, heart problems, obesity, alcohol abuse, smoking, taking drugs, taking certain types of controlled medications, Parkinson’s, heart disease, […]

Liposculpture to get rid of fat

Liposculpture in Mexico is a treatment that increasingly gets more demand, undergoes this surgery involves removing fat faster than in a gym and is located mainly between the skin and muscle. The extraction of the fat is done with a cannula, and through an incision from where it will be worked. Why liposuction? Because it […]

Dental Care in Mexico

Why is dental care better in Mexico than USA? In this article we are going to breakdown some reasons why dental care and dentists are better in our country for different reasons; of course, we do not want to underestimate the dental work in USA, but some things are better than kind of thing here […]

The Most Effective Dental Treatments

Many people are looking for the best way to take care of their teeth. Some of these suffer a lot of damage to their teeth due to genetic issues, accidents or some other factors. These issues cause people to seek solutions for their dental problems. For these reasons, dental care has now become essential, dentistry […]

Is it a good option dental tourism?

Maybe you feel like it is time to go with your dentist, well all the time it is a good time, but you do not have enough money for your appointment, although in this vacations you will going to the bitches in Baja California.  To seize the trip, you should arrive in Tijuana and take […]

Difficult dental treatments

Being a dentists it is hard, why we say it? There are a lot of responsibility in your back. When someone put his trust, beauty and health in your hands is when you realize how import is your job. Always in the same job there are different degrees of difficulty, for some dentist some things […]