The Most Effective Dental Treatments

The Most Effective Dental Treatments

Many people are looking for the best way to take care of their teeth. Some of these suffer a lot of damage to their teeth due to genetic issues, accidents or some other factors. These issues cause people to seek solutions for their dental problems. For these reasons, dental care has now become essential, dentistry has become one of the most demanded services and there are several treatments that have become the more solicited, some of these are:


Dental Veneers


Having a Hollywood Smile is the dream of everybody, unfortunately for many people, this is impossible, because they probably have aesthetic problems in their teeth,  such as stains on their teeth, crooked teeth, and some others. Most of the time these problems are only aesthetic and not functional, however, they can affect their confidence and self-esteem and sometimes even can be worst and become in functional problems. Some of the problems can be chipped teeth, stained teeth, misaligned teeth and more.

Dental Veneers are a dental treatment specially created to solve these problems. They are one of the most popular treatments in Cosmetic Dentristy and consists of a thin and custom made veneer that is placed after a thin enamel from the teeth is removed, with the intention of cover the front side of a tooth. Veneers can last up to 20 years or longer depends on the care that they receive.


Dental Braces


Dental braces are other of the most requested dental treatments in dental cosmetics for its effectiveness to correct some common problems in the teeth. They are small pieces of metal or some other materials, which are attached to the tooth to distribute the tension, their objective is to correct all kinds of bite problems, position and alignment of the teeth and in this way achieve a beautiful smile.


There are many types of braces, some of them are:



  • Self Ligating Braces


This type of braces do not need ligatures to attach to the arch of the dental appliance, which allows to have a smoother and faster movement than with conventional braces. In addition, they have less edges than other types of braces, so they are most comfortable to wear for the patient.


  • Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are also called invisible braces or inside braces, this type of braces are placed on the non-visible face of the tooth, so in that way the teeth look better aesthetically.



  • Traditional Braces with Metal Brackets


These are the classic dental braces that we all know because they are the most commonly used. They are made with metal braces which are able to fix any bite or tooth alignment problem for a very economical price.


  • Aesthetic braces

These type of braces are practically transparent and commonly made with sapphire and ceramic because they let in light and allow the natural color of the teeth to be seen. They are the ideal braces for people who are concerned about their aesthetics and don’t want the braces to be noticed.


Dental Implants


Dental implants are screws that’s inserted into the jaw where teeth root used to be. Typically the screws are made out of titanium, although other materials can be used too. The implants acts as replacement for the teeth root, on which a prosthetic can be attached to replace the rest of the teeth above the gum line. This is most common treatments for old people who wish to recover the smile they lost with the years.


Dental Crowns


Dental Crowns Tijuana are the best and effective dental treatment to cover and protect damaged teeth. There are many reasons that can cause a tooth to be damaged, to break or even fall out, some of those reasons can be genetics, falls, bumps, bad oral hygiene or even poor diet. It is very common that people don’t pay attention to these things because they think that are not important until is too late and the damage is done.

But unfortunately, this isn’t true and they are very important if a person has a broken o damaged tooth, it is necessary to treat it as soon as possible to avoid future damage, and the most common treatment that helps to recover a tooth when the damage is done is dental crowns. They are prosthetic devices that have as an objective to improve a tooth appearance, alignment, and shape. And fortunately, the color of the crowns can be matched to the natural color of the teeth, so they look very natural and that’s why they are the best solution to take care of damaged teeth.


One of the most famous places where people usually go to get this treatment is the city of Tijuana, there are many dental clinics that offer many services, including those mentioned above for a very good price. So if you need this treatment, you should start looking for dental crowns.

Why is Tijuana one of the cities where most of the people look for dental services?

Why is Tijuana one of the cities where most of the people look for dental services?

There are many people that are looking for dental services because teeth are indispensable in our life, we use them to chew our food, they help us to talk better and other many things, without them we wouldn’t be able to eat so many things. From the beginning, teeth have helped humans to survive, bringing the possibility of eating different kinds of food. However in the past, people didn’t know about the importance of dental care, there wasn’t treatments or services that can help to take care of the teeth. Because of this, it was very common that people lost teeth at a very young age without the possibility of recovering them or having another solution, they just had to adapt.

The years passed and the advances in medicine starting to bring many changes and solutions, including dentistry, however in the beginning dental treatments were only for a few people, the ones who could afford it, because any procedure in dentistry cost a lot of money. Nowadays dental treatments are not just for a small group of people, the things have changed and now the care of teeth is very important and indispensable for everyone, that’s why they need it to adjust it to the necessity of the people, both in services and in prices.


In spite of all this, the prices of dental treatments still have a high cost that causes people to have to spend huge amounts of money if they want to treat their teeth, mostly in the US where all the health services are very expensive. It is for this reason that many people undertake the search for the cheapest and good quality services, this search, especially for Americans derives in the city of Tijuana.


Tijuana is a border city in Mexico that is one of the main tourist attractions of the country, this is because in this city you can find many things, such as food, drinks, cultural activities and more. However, not only is it attractive for the entertainment it offers, but it is also a great attraction for the health services offered here. The main services that people look for in Tijuana are medical services and dental services. And why is this? Well, mainly because the prices of health services in Tijuana are cheaper compared to the US.


There are some dental procedures that are very common in Tijuana, mainly because of the low cost at which they are offered and because they are the most common that people need at some point in their lives, and here we present them to you.


Dental veneers

Dental veneers are very thin pieces of porcelain that are used to cover imperfections in the teeth giving them a very natural look. In fact, this treatment is very common between celebrities who want to have a perfect smile by changing the color of their teeth, aligning them, replacing missing teeth, and other things.


Dental implants

Dental implants are one of the most famous dental treatments used to replace completely fallen teeth in a very discreet and natural way. Commonly implants are made of titanium and some other materials compatible with the human body. The procedure to place the dental implants is divided into three parts, in the first the dentist places the implant in the jaw bone, then is necessary to wait approximately 3 months for the implant to be integrated with the bone after the dentist creates a dental crown and places it to replace the missing tooth.


Teeth whitening
To obtain a shining white smile, teeth whitening is the most popular treatment. However, the teeth whitening results are not definitive, they disappear with time and the procedure to keep the results has to be re-performed. So for reversible and temporary results, a teeth whitening is the best option. Anyone can perform this procedure, except those that have dental crowns, veneers or invisible orthodontics.


Gum surgery

Gum surgery, also known as periodontal surgery, involves shaping the gums that are on the top and bottom of the teeth, as the case may be. The surgery consists of removing and reshaping the gum tissue whit a laser, this regularly also involves a bone remodeling that is done with other tools. This procedure has cosmetic benefits, but above all, it has benefits in the oral health of the patients who perform it.


These are just some of the dental procedures that most people look for in this city, the quality of every one of them is guaranteed. So if you need to get a dental treatment you probably should look for a Tijuana dentist, because he will offer you a variety of dental procedures, where you can save up to 70% money, compared to the costs in the United States. Don’t let money to be an impediment to take care of the health of your teeth, obtain the perfect smile.

Is it a good option dental tourism?

Is it a good option dental tourism?

Maybe you feel like it is time to go with your dentist, well all the time it is a good time, but you do not have enough money for your appointment, although in this vacations you will going to the bitches in Baja California.  To seize the trip, you should arrive in Tijuana and take advantage of the reasonable prices of dentist in Tijuana.

On USA the prices in odontologist are increasing more and more, a lot of patients realize that they can not pay that costs, it is normal because sometimes the unique goal for dentist it gets patient who can afford the prices and not struggle with them. The normal thing is that the expensive generally prices in everything are increasing little by little, and we can no do anything for it, but is not the end, if you or someone in your family need an affordable dentist you can travel to Mexico with your family here con bring for you reasons to convince you to start the journey to Tijuana.

1.Safe place
There are rumors about Tijuana saying that is dangerous and insecure but do not have to be in that way, everywhere have its danger places, even in your city, but you do not go to walk and enjoy the view of that places, it is about to take care, and that is all. With some usually protections tips you will go to be comforting in Tijuana. Do not take rides of strangers people, do not accept drinks, that kind of things.

As an American patient who is looking for dental care outside USA be suspicious, cheaper in the future is going to be expensive. Many patients choose the lowest cost provider, which is a recipe for disaster. While most patients will save more than 50% when compared to dental prices in the USA, some patients seek much higher levels of savings and put their health at risk. Dental clinics that offer the lowest prices often use substandard materials or cut corners by not using specialists for complex procedures. These places put patients health at risk.

Choosing the cheapest dental clinic could cost you more in expensive repairs or emergency treatments in the long run. Even the most affordable treatments will become costly if something goes wrong. Problems include damage to bone and gum tissue destroyed by infection, nerve damage, broken dental implants and poor-quality components that must be removed and replaced. Patients that seek the lowest-price option end up paying significantly more to repair the damage caused by substandard treatment. While every patient wants to save money, only reckless patients choose their dentist based on the lowest prices.

3. Good reviews
If you are not sure about one place you should check the reviews in his facebook page, right there in the section of recommendations and reviews, comments cannot be deleted, so if there are a lot of bad reviews, you can know that he is not a good dentist or maybe he is just rude.
Patients should choose clinics with high reputation in the zone, ask local guides for additional information, even when you been on internet you can find in Yelp reviews, the people are very honest there, really helps when you want to determine which clinics provide the highest quality outcomes.


A good dental clinic supports his work giving you guarantee, a good dental clinic is responsible for his treatments and offer some time of warranty in cases of dental implants

The patients need to feel confident, safe and secure when visiting another country for dental care, this means giving to patients an iron-clad lifetime replacement guarantee on dental implants. No many clinics offers that level of confidence to dental tourists.

The best dental schools in the world are in the United States, but equally that group of the best are also countries like Mexico, India, Central America, and Europe, even some dentists go to study in the US schools and return to their country of origin to work there or study in their city of origin, which does not make them any better. The reality is that it’s not only about what school you studied, it’s about the passion you put in your work and commitment.

6.Quality standards

One of the most important things for Mexican dental products factories is the clarity of their products and that the people who do the jobs with those who use their pieces are good and benefit the person, whoever the person always tries to give the Best possible care. Mexico is an important part of the importers of dental products around the world, the competition is strong and everyone is trying to be the best, so you can be sure that good dentists are in Mexico

Difficult dental treatments

Difficult dental treatments

Being a dentists it is hard, why we say it? There are a lot of responsibility in your back. When someone put his trust, beauty and health in your hands is when you realize how import is your job. Always in the same job there are different degrees of difficulty, for some dentist some things could be easier than others, and that is exactly the theme we are going to talk today.


1.Local anesthesia

Although it is small possibility and is not a dental treatment but is a big part of it, you know you could die with the local anesthesia? It is extremely rare that anesthesia would be a cause of death. The truth is that you do dot have to worry about that, in the last 40 years the anesthesia has been update and improve in his formula. The appearance of equipment and anesthesia techniques has reduced the surgical mortality, which in other times was very high, to minimum levels.


2.Dental crowns

When you search pictures of dental crowns in Google it would be a little bit gross. Before put the dental crowns it have to put fixed dental prosthesis in the damage teeth, first the dentist open the zone and digging putting out the root of the teeth, and then the dentist designs a tooth mold that will be used to prepare a provisional crown. Once the relevant impressions have been taken, it is time to perform the dental carving after the administration of local anesthesia, where the tooth will be sculptured, giving it a shape that will allow implanting the crown with the adjustments that are desired. But in the hands of a dental expert in dental crowns Tijuana you have nothing to worry about.


3.Root canal

Some people it is afraid for this procedure, although has his hardest part can be less afraid if you research more information on internet and all the diseases you going to skip only for remove a part or sometimes completely damaged tooth pulp. The pulp is a connective tissue, located in the central part of the teeth, just where the blood vessels that feed the nerves are concentrated. This procedure cure the pain to your teeth and the infection, a rotten tooth has to scare you more than a root canal.



If you have been running from the tooth extraction stop to be enduring the pain, go with you dentist, don´t be afraid he is going to be gentle with your denture. The procedure is simple, the area is disinfected and a little needle near of your tooth is injected , after do not feel nothing everything is going to be easier


5.All in 4 implants


Maybe knowing that you have 4 implants in your mouth sounds a bit painful, but you do not have to worry, having a nice denture will make it all worthwhile, although some things that used to be common now will be complicated in a small degree, such as speaking, difficulty adapting to bridge bulk. To put it you have to make a large scale in the tooth, that’s why it’s on this list.


6.Bone Graft

It may be a practice not as well known as the previous ones in the list, but this technique is used when the person needs to fill some deficiency of bone in the teeth or even in the jaw, if this is your case, do not fear, in the hands of a good dentist this is a quick technique not so cheap and is charged for each tooth. The graft may be reabsorbed or rejected by the body and that is not to mention the swelling and pain, so try to choose the right dentist.


7.Sinus Lift

It’s a technique that maybe before going to a dentist and mentioning that you need it, you have not thought about it. Not being a very famous technique among very famous people with the help of the Colgate article we will explain what are the risks.

The main risk of a sinus lift is that the sinus membrane could be punctured or torn. If the membrane is torn during the procedure, the surgeon will either stitch the sinus tear or place a patch over it. If the repair is not successful, your surgeon may stop the procedure and give the hole time to heal.

Your dentist can redo the sinus lift once the membrane has healed. This usually takes a few months. A healed membrane tends to be thicker and stronger, which means a second attempt at a sinus lift is likely to be successful. However, other factors also affect success.

Infection is a risk of any surgical procedure. However, this occurs after sinus lifts.

On rare occasions, the existing bone does not integrate with the bony graft material, and the grafted area does not develop a blood supply. If this happens, any implants placed in this area will fail because there is no live bone for them to attach to. If this happens, you can have the sinus lift procedure repeated.


How Foreign Medical Students can Find the Best Clinical Rotations

How Foreign Medical Students can Find the Best Clinical Rotations

If your dream is to become a doctor in America, there are a number of steps you must go through, and finding the best clinical rotations for medical students is a crucial step in the process. Applying for a US Medical Residency as an international student can be arduous and pose a number of pitfalls difficult to navigate. These tips are intended to help readers get the residency they want, regardless of their home country of origin.

Ace Your Exams

Clearly, your chance of getting your dream medical rotation will hinge on your exam scores, so you want to ace them. Keep in mind that as an international residency applicant you will be competing against thousands of others who have the same goals. Your scores will be the main thing that advocates for you alongside any company you invest in that helps you get your ideal residency. Simply put, scoring well on your exams can’t be emphasized enough.

In some cases, an international student’s only chance at making a lasting first impression is through exam scores. So don’t take the USMLE Step I or II, or COMLEX Levels I and II for granted. This is exactly why students should create a solid plan throughout their preclinical years to achieve a high score on the USMLE Step I exam. Based on the school you’re attending, you may be required to take the USMLE Step I exam before or after your clinical rotations start. So plan everything out.

When most people are in their third year of medical school, they take the USMLE Step II and taken one year after clinical rotations start. And this is often the third year of med school for most students. Regardless or not whether your school requires the completion of a test after each main rotation, acquire a question bank to work with over the years and tackle each specialty during the corresponding prim rotation.

Finally, the scheduling of your USMLE Step II tests should be a concern because you will need to be ECFMG-certified (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) to be regarded as a considerable applicant for most American residency programs.

Personal Statements

All too often students put together personal statements out of necessity and give them little thought. And though they may not be regarded as crucial pieces, they in fact have the power to make your application stand out above the thousands of other applicants seeking American medical rotations and US clinical experience.

If you partner with an agency that specializes in helping international students get residency programs in America, they will likely help you with your personal statement. But if you are relying on your own capabilities to put this together, these tips will help.

You should have your personal statement completed by the time you request a recommendation letter. This will give a perspective on why you are choosing the specific specialty you are applying to. Many of the larger programs have several tracks such as research, global health, emergency medicine, and so on. This is why your personal statement should be customized to the track you are applying to. Avoid a generic letter and using a variety of specialties because it is rather telling that you are not as committed as others.