Flat pack rocker prototypes

Pony Girls are an author's derivatives of the original Pony girl rocker presented at the Kama - Sesso e Design exhibition in Milan's Triennale Design Museum. Pony Girl Rocker is a toy for adults shaped as a woman attached onto the rockers similar to those of a rocking chair. The rocker ironically carries a memory of boys’ games on knights, riders, conquerors or warriors and pushes it into the field of adult fantasies. The updated version recognizes the colour and texture of wooden plywood. Hand painted graphical template of a girl is applied on the plywood body. You can choose from several girls according to your taste. This unique designer re-edition is packaged as a "ready to assemble" product. It is available on-line for sale as an original replication. The package includes parts with hand-painted graphics with acrylic-urethane coating for a harder surface. The user simply assembles it after unpacking. You can also buy a package containing clean parts. These parts are made of wooden plywood without any surface treatment. More experienced users may buy D.I.Y. digital crafting pack then cut and paint rocker by themselves. It could be a great wedding gift for a newly married couples who can make a use of it as a relaxation simulator to prevent the partnership malfunction. In the context of BDSM practices it can be used as a trainer for pony play sessions. In need of humiliation, unless your wife or girlfriend do not like a pony play, just use this toy.

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